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XSM X 3SSB Partnership
XSM and a renowned sports brand like Adidas 3SSB signifies the continuous drive for innovation in the sports industry.

XSM, the top sports and data company, collaborates with Adidas 3SSB to revolutionize the event by providing real-time, comprehensive team and player statistics, offering valuable insights to teams and coaches at all levels.

The collaboration aims to provide comprehensive team and player statistics, which can include various metrics such as scoring, shooting percentages, assists, rebounds, and more. Having access to a wide range of data points enables teams and coaches to have a holistic view of the game and individual performances, helping them identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

The collaboration between XSM and Adidas 3SSB represents a significant development in the sports industry, offering teams and coaches access to real-time, comprehensive statistics and insights that can positively impact their performance and decision-making processes.

The partnership brings together the expertise of XSM, a leading sports and data company, with Adidas 3SSB, a prominent sports brand. By combining their resources, they can provide detailed and up-to-date statistics, offering valuable insights to teams and coaches. This will significantly improve decision-making processes, game strategies, and player performance evaluation.

The partnership’s objective to offer insights to teams and coaches at all levels is significant. The benefits of this collaboration extend beyond professional sports to grassroots and amateur levels. This democratization of data and insights can help nurture talent, enhance coaching methodologies, and contribute to the overall development of sports at various levels.

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