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XSM’s Groundbreaking Partnership Elevating Sports Data and Analytics


XSM’s partnership with the SWAIC basketball regional and national games for the 2022-2023 season is a significant milestone for our company. By providing comprehensive data and statistics for each team’s games, we contribute to the success and growth of the SWAIC as a platform for schools, particularly non-traditional ones, to compete at the highest level.

This collaboration holds immense importance for XSM as it allows us to showcase our expertise and capabilities in delivering cutting-edge sports data and analytics solutions to a broader audience. The SWAIC events, with their emphasis on academic excellence and compliance with NCAA and Clearinghouse regulations, align perfectly with our commitment to integrity and quality in the sports industry.

Through our partnership, the SWAIC events have evolved into a national spectacle, capturing the attention of coaches and players nationwide. The provision of live and full event stats empowers these individuals to evaluate their team’s performance and analyze player analytics in real-time. This valuable information serves as a foundation for informed decision-making, player development, and overall performance assessment.

Overall, our partnership with the SWAIC demonstrates XSM’s dedication to driving innovation in sports data and analytics, while supporting the growth and success of emerging platforms that provide equal opportunities for schools and athletes to excel.

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